gathering oil and gas production data made

Easy & Affordable

Designed with the PUMPER in Mind!

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Quick & Easy Gauge Entry

We have pumpers currently using ogPumper who had no computer experience. They were able to pick it up day one with very little training.

Instant Production Data

Available - in the office, at home or anywhere else - for management & office staff as soon as gauges are entered by the pumper.

Affordable for Big & Small

Our pricing is simple. No special hardware to buy or contract to sign. Includes all support and maintenance.
$5/mo per lease + one-time $800 setup fee.

Super Easy Start Up!

We make the switch from written gauge sheets, spreadsheets or any other tool, simple and painless for both office and field.

Hear what ogPumper users have to say...

“ogPumper proficiently maintains my daily production. I rely on it daily and trust in its effectiveness.”

Bubba Benson, Pumper
Gunn Oil Company

“So glad we have ogPumper. It is a great asset. From a production clerk view I can run all kinds of reports such as a simple production report or a total of production on one lease or all leases. Lori has done an amazing job at making gauge entry user friendly. One of our pumpers commented that he likes it because it is simple and he can compare production daily. If you make a mistake on a gauge it is caught easily. We highly recommend ogPumper.”

ogPumper will work on any internet-enabled device - phone, tablet, laptop, desktop!